Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Logo Competition

How to participate
All you need to do is create a logo based on the guidelines below and email/hand in your contribution to  your teacher.
Please, add the following details:
·         Your name
·         The name of your school
·         The country you are from
The prize
The decision will be made by each participating country.
The prize is non-transferable.
All submitted work must be original, created by the student and not based on any pre-existing design. Each entry should be free from any copyright.
The logo needs to contain the name of our project: Erasmus Minus Bullying.
The submitted file should be in one of the following formats: jpg, gif or png. If the student submits a paper version of the logo, it should be scanned.
At each partner school the best logo designs will be chosen. The logos will be printed on paper (A4 size) and taken to the first project meeting in Bulgaria. The maximum number of entries per each partner school is limited to three. During the first project meeting students and teachers will choose the competition winners and the official logo of the project.
Legal aspects
The selected logo will become the official symbol and property of the Erasmus Plus project participants and will be used in various forms and formats to promote Erasmus Minus Bullying.
By entering, each contestant agrees to be bound by the rules.
We reserve the right to exclude from the competition all the submissions that do not follow the defined guidelines.
The prize winner will grant us exclusive rights to publish, edit and display the submitted image for any suitable purpose and will not use the logo elsewhere.
Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to ask your teacher.

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