Saturday, 28 February 2015

Erasmus Minus Bullying update from Poland

Hello from Lublin in Poland. Here are some of our Erasmus Minus Bullying activities in the last few weeks:
  • Our school headmistress, Mrs Barbara Warda, delivered a short lecture via our school radio about our Erasmus Minus Bullying Project for our students’ parents, who attended the meeting with class teachers. She talked about the main objectives of the project and encouraged everyone to participate actively.
  • We organized a meeting for all kids’ parents with a psychologist, who works for police. She talked about cyberbullying. More than 500 parents were present! It was a very interesting presentation and parents of kids from my class said they had found it inspiring and beneficial.

The audience during the presentation in our gym.

  • Kasia and Kuba, who attended the meeting in Varna, during the presentation.
  • At the end of semester (in January) we had an assembly, repeated three times (for first, second and third graders). Katarzyna Tes and Jakub Wielgus, the students, who attended Erasmus Minus Bullying meeting in Varna, presented the main purpose of the meeting and the great activities we had plus their personal impressions. In the background there was a slideshow with photos from our meeting in Bulgaria. The presentation by Kasia and Kuba was very successful, both teachers and kids (about 800 altogether) enjoyed it.
  • 125 students from our school took part in Erasmus Minus Bullying survey. We had some technical problems with the internet on that day but miracously the results didn’t disappear. The survey was always followed by a short explanation and instructions by a teacher. It was wonderful to see that kids were really very seriousabout the survey.
  • Last week we organized two EMB school competitions: the poster competition and the song competition. As usual the jury consisted of students and teachers. Eight posters were chosen for the final. It was really difficult to decide which were the most interesting but finally three paintings were chosen. Nine girls performed one by one in the song competition. All singers did a great job and we are proud of them. Hopefully you will hear the two winners in Helsinki in May. The results of both competitions will be presented on our school website:
  • Last Thursday all teachers had a training session with a professor of psychology, Mrs Wioletta Tuszyńska-Bogucka. It was devoted to cyber stalking and the menaces kids face while using the internet. My colleagues found it extremely helpful and I hope we will chance to see it when you come to Lublin in May 2016.
Speaking of which, here is my class in front of the Lublin castle yesterday, sending warmest greetings to teachers and students from all our partner schools. :)

Friday, 27 February 2015

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Last bits of work at 't Schoolhuis in Opwijk, Belgium, before taking of to Athens for our second meeting!

Friday, 20 February 2015

The characters in the Help movie

 The Help movie

Have you already watched the movie The Help which is included in our programme for module 2? 
If yes, try out the flashcards from Quizlet to see if you remember who is who! 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dear friends, here is the Greek poster, as it appears in e-news and printed papers and in numerous public places and buildings, promoting our 2nd meeting in Greece. A "touch" of the Greek students' logos. Be patient . We'll be back with logos...

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


On Monday some journalists from DIARIO DE ALAVA visited us in our Erasmus workshop ( every Monday 2.15 to 3.15) and we were interviewed about it. Our surprise was that we were FRONT PAGE  on the next day newspaper, they also dedicated us three pages on the project.
...everybody is so excited..parents phoning to tell about the pictures...well...we must say that this newspaper is among one of the four most popular in the Basque Country.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Creating comics with Pixton

Hi everyone!

Today class 8B in Botby grundskola, Helsinki, had a chance to get aquainted with Pixton, an online tool for creating comics. The title for the task today was "Don't be a bystander, be an upstander." The comic should depict a bullying situation and there should be positive solution to the bullying situation. Here below you can see some results of today's work!

Saturday, 7 February 2015



Last Tuesday 3rd February, the students and teachers from IES MIGUEL DE UNAMUNO told about the project in RADIO VITORIA.It is an opinion programme quite popular in our city,  a mobile unit came to our school and some students were interviewed in a 30 minutes programme, while we were in the radio studio.
Then, a summary of the programme opened the breaking news at 13.30...the thing is that now some other radio programmes  and newspapers have found the project Monday we will be visited by a newspaper...EL PERIODICO DE ALAVA and next Tuesday we have been invited to another programme that is broadcasted in the whole Basque Country....we will upload the article...

''El problema es os padres no hablan con sus hijos''

El acoso y maltrato es un fenómeno que, lamentablemente, siempre ha estado presente de alguna manera en la vida escolar En la mayoría de las escuelas siempre hay un chico o grupo de chicos que molesta a otro, lo acosan y aquello que comenzó siendo un mal chiste se puede transformar en un problema para la víctima.A esta  situación  se  ha añadido la  problemática que se genera  con las nuevas tecnologías. Estas han contribuido a que este acoso se multiplique de manera sustancial. Hoy en el Mirador nos acercamos al ciberbulling. Hablamos con profesores y alumnos del instituto Miguel Unamuno.

Friday, 6 February 2015

German newspaper

From our local newspaper                                                                              06.02.2015