Saturday, 24 January 2015



Hi dear partners, we have had the snow you sent from Greece with us last three days...but concerning the project we are  ....

1.- Introducing our students Pixton tool a special session for Erasmus+ group..but also to all students in ·3rd DBH ( 9th year) who began creating a strip comic in their Arts lessons....mainly to work on Storyboard making....they have extended the idea ...and are creating the front page-cover for those comics as the future posters we will take to Athens...( in charge).

 2.- We are also working on self-confidence games...which Unai is perForming in P.E.

3.- teachers are also working on Film., ...waiting for David´s answer about the survey to see if we can begin sending it to 100 students ( 1,2,3 and 4th DBH). It has already been translated into basque and Spanish

4.- We have extended the creation of the poster to the whole Institute via student e-mail

5.- Last week we met all parents to show Bulgaria material and to explain near- objectives

And....for our meeting in Spain we have a couple of ideas we will tell you once they are closed and confirmed.....AND THAT´S ALL AT THE MOMENT.....WELL GOOD LUCK FOR THE GREEKS ......WE WILL BE WATCHING TV...SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN YOUR ELECTIONS

Thursday, 22 January 2015

what we are doing ....

What happens in Germany ?

 On January 31st we´ll have a "Day of opening School" for parents and all people who are interested in our school. We´ll make a small exhibition (mainly with your presents :) ) , show presentations and I´m going to say a few words .....

We also made a Flyer about the Project, Ines wrote an article for the newspaper which will be published within the next days and yesterday I met a brillant artist and very cool and charming person from New York named  Alex Jacobowitz ( and we arranged details for  a concert for you and a workshop for the kids during your stay in Bad Ems in March 2016.

And I started doing some things with the surveys which are already done, the work on the posters will be started next week, the work on the film at the first week in February,....

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Dear partners from north, south, east and west,
Last week we presented to our EMB class details from our trip to Varna.
Tomorrow we will be working on the poster and try blogging or twinspacing.
Survey conducted and all aboard for film watching next week. 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Morning assembly in Botby grundskola

Greetings from Botby grundskola, Helsinki!

Today all students and teachers in grades 7-9 were gathered in the Great hall for a morning assembly to get information about coming events at our school. Anna, Lotta, Annika and Guni showed pictures from the first project meeting in Varna, Bulgaria and we shared information about what's happening in module 2 in the EMB project: poster competition, survey, TwinSpace and EMB Blog, project meeting in Athens, meeting for host families in Helsinki... Let's hope the awareness and the interest for our Erasmus Minus Bullying project has increased a little bit again!

Dear partners, what's happening at your schools?

Logo competition winner in Botby grundskola, designed by Emelie Schauman 8B