Thursday, 17 December 2015

Please, meet the Polish team coming to Belgium

The Polish students, who are coming to Belgium, Marysia (Maria) and Magda, are looking forward to meeting you! Lots of greetings and Christmas wishes from Poland.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

German girls coming to Belgium soon

Proudly presenting

JANINA                              AND                                   SINA


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Under the Ocean - Italy/Finland cooperation

We are happy to present Under the Ocean, the final product of the Italian/Finnish cooperation! Students at the Italian partnerschool Instituto Comprensivo Marco Ulpio Traiano in Rome wrote the script and it was realised by students in class 7B at Botby grundskola in Helsinki with the help of their art teacher Kent Söderström. This was a very fun project and we are very pleased with the results. Hope you enjoy the little animation!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Before travelling home to Germany

I´d like to share my impressions of the meeting with you ...

We all drive home with a very good feeling for the project ... many things to be deeply grateful ... the small Spanish team had done everything possible to make the meeting and the whole time as exciting and convenient as possible, being our guides, trainers, translators, organizer, animators all the time and helping to solve any small problems or misunderstandings as quick as possible... Thanks a lot for all off you and also thank you for the very professional organization of the week which absolutely followed the application and outline  ..I´m not sure if the German meeting will be able to do the same ....

Thanks to all of you for keeping Paula the feeling of being a strong member of the team - she liked all of you very much and it helped her a lot  on her way get self confidence and competence 

Thanks to the guest families who were more than hospitable,... today I had the chance to spend some hours with Paula´s host family including the very charming Patricia and the host family of the Belgian team, too - it was a wonderful afternoon, I enjoyed it very much and had much fun ...I´m very happy to meet Patricia in Belgium again  ...

Not to be forgotten :

* Wonderful impressions of San Sebastian with very nice houses, cool shops and cafés, an impressive coast
* Very delicious food, especially at the teacher´s dinner, ...maybe the next time the beer mugs could be a bit bigger :)
* The pelota session which made me burning more calories than I got by emptying this tiny beer mug ...
* The cool School Jazzband with the dynamic trombone player with the green hair ... very professional, they could have played much longer
* Presentations, Videos and other material which was very informative and attractive and will be part of the homepage within the next days ...
* very motivating feedback to my presentation of the homepage which indeed is a summary of our COMMON WORK, just arranged by me
* the very soon reunion with Jola - just 3 weeks after my trip to Lublin - I´m so happy to have such a warm-hearted friend as you ..

my wish until the next meeting :

Let´s do all to keep motivation high and feel as a strong community which is able to improve our school´s reality (at leat a bit),


Monday, 9 November 2015

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Pupils elected  Caner and Yasmin

as their official representatives

in this school year 2015/16

Two "Erasmus" kids were elected as official "school speakers" at the school councils meeting on September 24th.

Caner, who belonged to the delegation in Helsinki
Yasmin, who is belonging to the delegation in Vitoria 
are now the official representatives
of our school !

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Getting ready for our meeting in Vitoria

Please, meet Lila and Mikołaj, the Polish students, who are going to participate in our EMB meeting in Vitoria. We are getting ready for the meeting, looking forward to project activities. Lots of greetings from sunny Lublin.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

"Portraits" in Helsinki

Dear EMB partners!

Welcome back to a new school year! Here at Botby grundskola in Helsinki we started school already  in the middle of August and we have been looking forward to working on the Erasmus Minus Bullying project for some time already! Let's hope for a fun and fruitful second year!

Here below you can see the work of art "Portraits" produced by our students during the project meeting in Helsinki in May. The painting hangs on the wall in our school and is a wonderful reminder of the third project meeting held in Helsinki 4-8.5.2015!

Monday, 7 September 2015

New school year, new beginnings :)

We've been back at school since September the 1st. The Polish team is ready for hard work, Erasmus Minus Bullying activities included. :)
In the photo you can see the opening of the new school year ceremony and our first graders, who are enthusiastic and eager to join EMB project activities.

We wish all partners a great and fruitful new school year. If anyone is still enjoying holidays, have fun  during the last days of summer. :)


Thursday, 4 June 2015


During the 3rd project meeting in Helsinki, students worked in mixed international groups and created poems and small stories around the theme of tolerance and friendship with the help of Storybird. Here below you can enjoy some of the poems. Considering the little amount of words available, the results are amazing! Well done!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

We are happy to present our videoclip for the EMB project, music and lyrics written by Stavroula and Helectra, students of the 2nd grade, with the support of parents and members of our community who embraced the effort. Dissemination and cooperation at its best. High school of Thracomakedones at its best!

Monday, 11 May 2015

quizlet and the dictianory

German - English                                       Swedish - English (Finland)


                      Spanish-  English                                                 Turkish -English                                                                       

                   Romanian-English                                                         Polish-English


   Italian-English                                                         Greek-English


Bulgarian - English                                         Dutch - English (Belgium)


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Student activities Thursday 5th May

Our day started with a workshop held by Mirjam Malik.  We discussed different aspects of bullying and talked about different ways to prevent bullying.

The students got to discuss how they would react and what they would do in different bullying situations.


We were divided to different groups in which we made poems and stories. We used different pictures to create the stories.

                        - DILARA

Music workshop

Kati the music teacher led a music workshop for the students. In the workshop we did different rhythmical activities and we prepared a song for the music festival which is on Friday. 

Singing was fun but the “dancing” and clapping made it confusing 


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Erasmus Minus Bullying update from Poland

Some activities we have done since the unforgettable meeting in Greece:

  • Marta and Ola, the girls, who are taking part in the meeting in Helsinki, were often practising the song they will perform during EMB festival.

  • We are very proud to inform you that we were invited to a special conferece for schools taking part in Erasmus+ projects this school year. The aim of the conference is to promote Erasmus +. We are going to display logos and posters, show other materials and presentations from the meetings. The conference is next week and we are working hard to present Erasmus Minus Bullying in a proper way. There will be many teachers and students not only from our city, Lublin but also from our region. We will do our best to be convincing Erasmus Minus Bullying ambassadors.

  • A few weeks ago the Erasmus Minus Bullying writing competition was announced at our school. The students were supposed to write a play for the meeting in Helsinki. The task was pretty challenging, as the play should have been written in English. Our students submitted nine plays! The authors are first and second graders, 6 girls and 3 boys. We are satisfied with our young playwrights creativity and it was really difficult to choose the text which will be performed by partner school. We are happy to announce that it will be a play written by Ola Portka from class 2f. Well done!

  • Erasmus Minus Bullying is an important part of a special celebration, which is being prepared by our school psychologist Anna Osemlak and a group of kids at the moment. The celebration is called "A Day Without Violence" and it will take place next week. It will be presented to students and teachers. The kids from our school, who won prizes for EMB logo, poster, song and play at our will be given prizes and diplomas. Nikola and Michał, the students, who participated in the meeting in Greece, will share their thoughts and impressions with our school community.

  • We organised a special meeting for 30 class teachers at our school to show them the results of Erasmus Minus Bullying survey. The results were presented by English teacher, Michał Szewczyk. A discussion followed. Many conclusion were drawn from the analysis of results.

Class teachers' meetings - presenting the results of EMB survey.

Third project meeting in Helsinki 4-8.5.2015

Yesterday's gray and rainy weather has changed into sunshine here in Helsinki as our Erasmus Minus Bullying project partners are arriving today! Let's keep our fingers crossed for warm and sunny weather all week!

We here at Botby grundskola can't wait for tomorrow when we all will be gathered at our school to kick off the week with an opening ceremony and start working together on the project.

We hope the week will be fruitful for the project and also fun for everyone involved and let's all together help make this week unforgettable!

Here is the programme for the third EMB meeting

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Greetings from our very kind Turkish colleague


to our turkish partners

.. let´s meet her on one of the next meetings ..