Friday, 13 November 2015

Before travelling home to Germany

I´d like to share my impressions of the meeting with you ...

We all drive home with a very good feeling for the project ... many things to be deeply grateful ... the small Spanish team had done everything possible to make the meeting and the whole time as exciting and convenient as possible, being our guides, trainers, translators, organizer, animators all the time and helping to solve any small problems or misunderstandings as quick as possible... Thanks a lot for all off you and also thank you for the very professional organization of the week which absolutely followed the application and outline  ..I´m not sure if the German meeting will be able to do the same ....

Thanks to all of you for keeping Paula the feeling of being a strong member of the team - she liked all of you very much and it helped her a lot  on her way get self confidence and competence 

Thanks to the guest families who were more than hospitable,... today I had the chance to spend some hours with Paula´s host family including the very charming Patricia and the host family of the Belgian team, too - it was a wonderful afternoon, I enjoyed it very much and had much fun ...I´m very happy to meet Patricia in Belgium again  ...

Not to be forgotten :

* Wonderful impressions of San Sebastian with very nice houses, cool shops and cafés, an impressive coast
* Very delicious food, especially at the teacher´s dinner, ...maybe the next time the beer mugs could be a bit bigger :)
* The pelota session which made me burning more calories than I got by emptying this tiny beer mug ...
* The cool School Jazzband with the dynamic trombone player with the green hair ... very professional, they could have played much longer
* Presentations, Videos and other material which was very informative and attractive and will be part of the homepage within the next days ...
* very motivating feedback to my presentation of the homepage which indeed is a summary of our COMMON WORK, just arranged by me
* the very soon reunion with Jola - just 3 weeks after my trip to Lublin - I´m so happy to have such a warm-hearted friend as you ..

my wish until the next meeting :

Let´s do all to keep motivation high and feel as a strong community which is able to improve our school´s reality (at leat a bit),


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